About Us

Analog Life Consulting (ALC) is an electronics design consultancy based in Durham, NC. It started in 2010 by the principal and owner, Chris Gammell. Areas of focus include industrial electronics, sensor systems, cellular connectivity, low level analog measurements, open source hardware, and Linux subsystems. ALC is able to scale to project needs, including doing project management and pulling in a wide range of talented engineers to work on the project.

Chris Gammell (Principal of ALC) has 20 years of electronics design experience, working at large name companies such as ABB, Samsung, Keithley Instruments and Supplyframe, creating a range of hardware and marketing content in various roles. After starting a career focused on low level analog, Chris transitioned into creating embedded systems capable of measuring large scale installations or working remotely over cellular links. He has extensive experience designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), including high speed design, firmware, project management, and strategic planning.