BeagleConnect Rev B

Revision to the BeagleConnect design
Completed in 2020
Smallest possible footprint for the Click Header format.
Accept a wide range of input voltages.
Stretch the GPIO available on board by utilizing a secondary USB host processor.
Dual microcontroller design
Lower power design
RF design
Firmware support
Assembled in-house
Bring-up/testing done in-house

This was a continuation of the BeagleConnect Project

More about the BeagleConnect project

The BeagleConnect project is part of, a company dedicated to open source. ALC enjoys working on projects that can not only be shared here on this site, but also with the broader community. Here are some of the high level goals of the project.

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Innovative abstraction

The BeagleConnect project is based around Greybus, a flexible interface first designed for Project Ara. It has been repurposed to enable flexible sensor solutions for IoT.

Accessible sensor data

The BeagleConnect is a project enabling sensor data back into Linux systems in a seamless way, over well known transport mechanisms.

A wide range of sensor hardware

The BeagleConnect project is designed to work with MikroElectronika Click Shields, which enables a wide range of end hardware. Many of the drivers for these boards are “in tree” for linux, enabling fast prototyping.

Open Source Hardware

The BeagleConnect project, and more broadly, shares hardware design files with the community, enabling a richer ecosystem of peripherals and community contributions.